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The next time you get a chance to see
the film  "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes",
where Arthur Newman is conducting
the orchestra under the opening
credits, that's Karella playing this
Lyon Healy at the top right!  Fun, huh.

1901 Lyon Healy
I got from
Clarence Karella in about 1997. 
It was his number one horn for 50 years
and he was one of the best in his day.
It's a perfect horn for me.
I never found one I like better! 
Good tone just spills out...with no
effort at all.  The one negative is...
it weighs a ton.  A person has to
keep in shape to lift this magic horn! 
Ouch!  My back!

Here's an article that will tell you
more about this horn.
(just click on it)