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This huge horn was carried at
the opening day parade at
Disney Land by Clarence Karella.
My guess is that's what eventually
destroyed his back.  A real spine killer.
  You couldn't stand up in a normal
room with an eight foot ceiling.

The horn was perfect when I got it.
The craftsmanship was sensational.
The way they machined the valve
casings was amazing. What
a great work of art. played
like crap!  Even the talented Karella
admitted it.  Jim Self tried it and thought
it sucked!  And these are guys that know.
I had everything checked on it that
could be checked.  It still sounded
so-so.  The perfect horn to look at
but not the best player.

It's now at the Museum of  Music at
Vermillion, South Dakota (my old
school) .  The last time I saw it, a
few years ago, it was still sitting
in the basement waiting to be
unpacked.  It will make a great
display.  Sadly not much to hear.

By the way, that's Hunter, my
  grandson,  next to the giant.